During Marko's studies in Serbia, he had classes with professors around Europe such as Tadej Kenig from Slovenia, Dario Zingales from Austria, and Stephanie Zelnick from Kansas, USA, just to name a few.


In addition, Marko dedicated two years to learning pedagogy for wind instruments.

Marko also attended the International Clarinet Summer School in Serbia for 9 years.

Marko is currently a faculty member at Kabok Music School as

well as a private teacher.

If you are interested in clarinet lessons with Marko, regardless of your playing level (from beginner to professional musician), you can contact him by clicking here.

As a clarinet teacher, I like to share my knowledge of both classical and contemporary music. But we all look at things differently and must find what works best for us. Someone might like the exact way I play, while others may say that they would change around some things. So when teaching someone how to play a certain piece, I like to give them my idea of it, but at the same time let them use their own unique brush on the beauty that is music