Whether holding a coffee mug, cup, or holding on in transit, Marko Ivkovic always moves his
fingers and imagines he is playing the clarinet. Born in Kragujevac, Serbia, Marko’s path as a
clarinetist has taken him all the way to the other side of the world, to Vancouver, Canada, where
he is currently pursuing Master of Music studies at the University of British Columbia, after
finishing his Artist Diploma program at the Vancouver Academy of Music.

Marko got his Bachelor of Music Degree at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad. During his studies in
Serbia, he has achieved numerous awards including two Laureates(2009, 2011) for his playing in
Serbia, as well as first prize in Grand Prix I Woodwind & Brass competition 2017 in clarinet
category which took place in Varazdin, Croatia.

Marko has traveled extensively in Europe attending clarinet Masterclasses, competitions and
orchestras where he has gathered knowledge from versatile professors from around the world. In
addition to orchestral and solo performance, Marko has performed with chamber ensembles such
as clarinet choirs, woodwind quintets, woodwind trios, piano trios and clarinet duos.

Marko was invited to play in an orchestra from the United Kingdom, Triorca, as the principal
clarinet, led by the world famous oboist and conductor Nicholas Daniel. Marko participated in
two world premieres: Balcando by Ana Kazimic and Wavefront Silhouette by Xiao Tian Shi at
the prestigious Snape Maltings Concert Hall in the U.K., and Novi Sad Synagogue. After
performing Dmitrii Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony with Triorca at the prestigious Snape
Maltings Concert Hall, a musicologist approached Marko and said “
I had to come and tell you
that every solo you played gave me goosebumps...

Apart from accomplishments as a clarinetist in orchestras, ensembles and solo performances,
Marko also has a passion for cooking as well as creating relaxing environments at home. In
addition to the clarinet, he enjoys playing the saxophone, flute, and the guitar. In his spare time,
Marko thrives on composing original pieces for solo instruments, ensembles, and orchestra.

As much as Marko enjoys performing classical pieces, he also believes that with modern times
comes modern music, which he warmly embraces. He finds it very intriguing how composers
find new ways to make special effects on instruments such as flutter tongue, slap tongue,
multiphonics, stomps, claps, glissando, and combining these effects to make something new and

When asked by one of Marko's clarinet teachers as to the simple most important thing he wished
to communicate to an audience, Marko replied: "
To me, the most important thing is to have the
audience not just wait for the next thing I am about to play, but make them eagerly await every
single note that follows..."